Mertal 15AMP Push-In and Side Wired AC Quiet Decorator Switch Three-Way

AC Quiet Decorator Switch

15AMP Push-In and Side Wired120-277V AC


Color: White / lvory

Color: White / Ivory


Why choose us:

• Impact resistant thermoplastic construction assures long life durability
• All decorator devices are UL listed
• Smooth, quiet paddle action
• Narrow body leaves more room for wires in the box
• High-impact resistant thermoplastic construction
• Washer-type break off plaster ears for best flush alignment
• Captive mounting screws
• Push in terminals for quick installation
• Easy-access green hex head ground screw


Features of AC Quiet Decorator Switch:

The Three-Way AC Quiet Decorator Switch offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal, bridging the gap between utility and style.


Sophisticated DesignThe AC Quiet Decorator Switch boasts a sleek, sophisticated design that can seamlessly integrate into any room’s decor.Its smooth, rocker-style panel replaces the traditional toggle mechanism, giving it a modern edge.The switch is available in various colors, allowing for perfect coordination with your walls, trim, or accent colors.


Functional VersatilityThe three-way version is particularly versatile, designed for controlling lights from two locations, ideal for staircases or large rooms.The slim profile doesn’t protrude from the wall, maintaining a clean, uncluttered look.


Quiet ActuationThe thoughtful design extends to the switch’s quiet operation.The soft actuation mechanism ensures that turning lights on and off won’t disturb the peace of a tranquil home environment.


By incorporating the Three-Way AC Quiet Decorator Switch into your space, you elevate the small details that contribute to your overall interior design narrative.It’s a simple change that can make a significant impact, proving that even the most practical elements in your home can be chosen with style in mind.


Installation Process:

1Turn off the power: First disconnect the circuit breaker or remove the fuse, disconnect the power supply.

2、 Remove the old switch: If replacing the existing switch, please unscrew the panel screw. Then loosen the terminal screw to disconnect the cable.

3、Wiring: Connect the wiring to the corresponding terminal of the AC mute switch.

4、Mount the Switch: Fit the switch into the electrical box, making sure not to pinch the wires.Secure the switch and attach the faceplate.

5、Restore Power: After securing everything, turn the power back on and test the functionality of the new switch.


Matters needing attention:

1、Always follow the wiring diagram included with your switch for any specific instructions.

2、Wear safety glasses to shield your eyes from potential debris.

3、Utilize insulated tools to prevent accidental electrical contact.

4、Avoid forcing wires into the electrical box to prevent damaging the insulation.

5、Confirm that all connections are snug to avoid arcing or overheating.

6、Never attempt to work on live circuits.Ensure that the power is off before commencing.

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