Mertal 125 Amp Meter Socket Electric Meter Box, 4 & 5 Jaw,Ring & Ringless

125Amps,600V AC.
Connectors Line and load size #6-350 Cu-A1.
Heavy duty tinned copper jaw with reinforced clip.
C/W center neutral bar.
NEMA3R type construction 1.2mm thickness (#18 gauge) or 1.5mm thickness(#16 gauge) galvanized steel sheet, electrostatically applied epoxy baked graypowder finished.
Ample gutter space for easy wiring.
Convenient knockouts in the side back and bottom.
Lay in type terminal with pressure plates for easy connections.

125 Amps , 4 Terminal , Ringless & Ring type

Catalog Number Wire SizeDimensions
Ring lessRing StyleAmpsServiceHub# JawsCU-ALBypassH”W”D”
1014-SC-HB –125OH/UGCP4#6-2/0Horn10.784.125
1014-0  1014R-O125UGBlank4#6-2/0None10.784.125
1014-SO  1014R-S125OHHO4#6-2/0None10.784.125
1014-E  1014R-E1125OH1-1/4″Hub4#6-2/0None10.784.125
1014-F   1014R-F125OH1-1/2″Hub4#6-2/0None10.784.125

125 Amps , 5 Terminal , Ringless & Ring type

Catalog Number Wire SizeDimensions
Ring lessRing StyleAmpsServiceHub# JawsCU-ALBypassH”W”D”
1015-SC-HB –125OH/UGCP4#6-2/0Horn10.784.125
1015-0  1015R-O125UGBlank4#6-2/0None10.784.125
1015-SO  1015R-S125OHHO4#6-2/0None10.784.125
1015-E  1015R-E1125OH1-1/4″Hub4#6-2/0None10.784.125
1015-F   1015R-F125OH1-1/2″Hub4#6-2/0None10.784.125

Product drawing:

Meter socket design and function:

Meter socket is a key component in electrical system. It’s essentially the housing that holds your electric meter — the device that measures the amount of electricity your home or business uses. The socket provides a secure and stable connection point for the meter to attach to your building and connect to the utility company’s power lines.

It’s designed to accommodate a standard electrical service of up to 125 amperes, which is ample for the average household’s power consumption and even for small businesses with modest electrical needs.


A 125 amp meter socket, commonly used in residential and small commercial settings, boasts several key design elements: Robust ConstructionTypically, these meter sockets are crafted from durable, rust-resistant materials like galvanized steel to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-term reliability. The robust construction protects the internal electrical connections from environmental damage and potential tampering.


Ease of InstallationThe design usually includes multiple knockouts and a layout that facilitates easy conduit alignment, substantially simplifying the installation process. These design features allow for flexibility in various mounting scenarios and ensure a secure fit to the building’s exterior. Safety FeaturesFrom a safety standpoint, a 125 amp meter socket often comes equipped with a lever bypass or a jaw release mechanism. This enables utility workers to disconnect the power without directly contacting live parts, which significantly reduces the risk of electrical hazards. Compatibility and RatingsThe sockets are built to be compatible with various types of meters from different manufacturers, adhering to industry standards. They are also typically rated for their maximum amperage capacity and the voltage they can handle, ensuring appropriate use in the intended environment.


In conclusion, the meter socket’s design and materials are deliberately chosen to ensure accurate metering, safety for users and utility personnel, and resistance to environmental factors.


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