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ANSI meter sockets, load centers, Wire devices , Mechanical lug and electrical accessories.
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  • Meter Sockets
    Meter Sockets
    Meter Sockets are specifically designed for the installation of electrical energy meters (meters). These devices provide a safe, reliable interface that allows the meter to be connected to the electrical system to accurately measure the use of electrical energy.
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  • Wiring Devices
    Wiring Devices
    Wiring Devices products are designed to provide safe and reliable electrical connections and control. These products, which include electrical sockets, switches, outlet boxes and more, feature superb craftsmanship and high-quality materials to ensure long-term performance stability.
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  • Aluminum Mechanical Lug
    Aluminum Mechanical Lug
    Each mechanical lug is designed for optimal conductivity to ensure maximum strength and performance. All aluminum mechanical lugs are double rated for copper and aluminum conductors. These mechanical joints and lugs are completely reusable and easy to assemble.
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Mertal Electrical Inc. is a 15 years of experience in design and manufacturing of Meter Socket ,Load Center, Wire devices and Mechanical lug manufacturer. Mertal branch factory in China (Zhejiang Meto Electrical Co.,Ltd.) have 130 employees.With more than 16000 square meters workshop. Through deep understanding of customer needs, design and advanced engineering, we strive to provide innovative solutions and provide customers with reliable, durable, sustainable electrical products and powerful solutions.
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